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In Industrial construction, we offer:

 With extensive experience in industrial engineering and construction, Deeplok has the resources, capabilities and know-how to deliver projects in this market through a broad array of contract models. Our work within this diverse market includes: mineral processing; cement; bulk manufacturing; industrial water; metals; pulp and paper; specialty chemicals; food and beverage; pharmaceuticals and advanced manufacturing.

When it comes to building systems and structures, we select what’s best for the job. In addition to classic brick and mortar buildings, we’ve delivered some of the most complex industrial construction facilities using a range of materials, technologies and project approaches. At the end of the day, our facilities need to perform so our clients can do what they do best. Deeplok combines the strengths and experience of a leading EPC firm with specialized engineering capabilities for industrial clients to develop and drive an integrated project plan. The end-result is always the same: A proven, cohesive approach that provides value to clients and ultimately improves cost, schedule, quality and construction predictability on every project we deliver.

Our Unique Methodologies & Approach

As one of India’s top-rated industrial construction companies, we consider our job half done when we fail to meet the exact demands of our clients. Our methodologies & approach is completely different from that of our competitors. We don’t just believe in completing the projects. Rather, we aim to create extraordinary infrastructure and designs for our customers. We specialize in electrical, mechanical and civil construction works, which only aids us in constructing mammoth and remarkable plants and industries for their specific business goals and objectives.

Why Deeplok PMC & Contracts?

At Deeplok PMC & Contracts, we firmly believe that a focused team can generate fresh and beautiful ideas and this is precisely why we collaborate with our team of engineers, designers and workers to deliver 100% results for our clients. As a highly experienced, knowledgeable and reputed industrial construction company, we know that our clients expect a lot from us. This encourages us to go that extra mile in delivering and meeting the exact requirements of our clients across different industries including gas and oil, transport, retail, commercial, power, agro etc.
Here are a couple of other reasons to rely on our planning & services:

  • We offer excellent industrial construction services & solutions at competitive pricing.
  • We are highly committed and dedicated to offering high-quality services and safety standards.
  • Our proven track records speak volumes about our strength, honesty and integrity when it comes to handling, managing and fulfilling projects.
  • Our engineers, designers and workers are capable of handling complex projects, irrespective of their size and nature.
  • We are a highly reliable and dependable industrial construction company.
  • We focus on offering 100% customer satisfaction & support.
  • We constantly endeavor to improve our processes and functions to offer effective and innovative services.

At Deeplok, we focus on your best interest, goals and intent. We focus on each and every aspect of projects and offer general planning and management, building & designing services to provide our clients with the best set ups. Our professional, focused and long-term approach aids us in facilitating projects of all scales and sizes. We believe our clients deserve the best, which is exactly why we emphasize on minimizing costs and fostering innovation.

Feel free to get in touch with our expert team of engineers, designers and innovators if wish to acquire flexible, unique, sustainable and energy efficient industrial plants and units!

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