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We are continually endeavoring to welcome on board the most recent of advances and gear to satisfy the needs of the present customers. while recorded above are not many of the innovations we are as of now working with, in not so distant future we will add more to our rundown. The innovations are refreshed opportunity to-time to convey today what others desire to do tomorrow.

The most recent gear and apparatus we use guarantees us magnificent outcomes. expanding our ability with standard gear has assisted us with broadening our range all over. fulfilling each need of the customer, gaining current hardware and setting guidelines with unrivaled quality conveyance of work,  is hustling ahead.

         Ajax Self Loading Concrete                              Mixer Argo 2500     

         Ajax Self Loading Concrete                                   Mixer Argo 2500    

            Bolero Pikup Maxi Truck

       125 KVA Silent Generator                                       (DG SET)

Concrete Batching Plant

                     Civil Laboratory

      CNC Plasma cutting (Hypertherm)

          Welding Machines
a) MIG Machines (Make AOTAI)
b) ARC Welding Machine 

    (Blasting Machine) Surface Preparation (Indian Make) 

Garco  TexSpray Mark (Airless Sprayer Paint Primer)

Submerged ARC Welding  WARPP-Autoweld

  H.O. & EOT

        CNC Drilling Machine (Indian Make) RDSO Approved  


          Indore Fabrication  Plant

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